Transform Your Life In 8 Weeks

DEC 6 - JAN 31, 2018

An 8 week transformational experience led by Tommy Rosen with guest teachers 

Dr. Gabor Maté, Nikki Myers, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Kia Miller

A once a year journey, leading through the Holiday Season and into 2018.

Imagine having the life you dream about and a map to get there.


Come as you are,

Leave transformed.

Transformational Process

We are going through the Holiday Season and into the New Year with clarity, momentum and profound inspiration. 

This course will help you heal, strengthen and reconnect with the things that make life worth living. 

If you or someone you love is struggling to move beyond addiction and truly THRIVE in recovery, please accept my invitation to this free week of exploration and register today.


Over the past 26 years Tommy Rosen has studied the many approaches to recovery from addiction around the world and has discovered what works best. 

This course distills down the most cutting edge, effective information and processes to move a person out of addiction and to thrive on a path of recovery. Recovery 2.0 Coaching is the result of more than two decades of living a healthy, happy life of discovery.


Our 8 week program is borne from decades of research, neuroscience, yoga, meditation, breath-work, and nutrition into a personalized program unlike anything else. 

The course is delivered digitally in easy to digest modules. There are 2 weekly live webinars and instructional yoga, meditation and nutritional videos.  It is accessible any time of the day with LIFETIME access. 

Transform. Connect. Heal. Thrive.

We need outstanding teachers, people who have walked the path and are examples of victory. 

Your Coaches:

Tommy Rosen

Dr. Gabor Maté

Nikki Myers

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Kia Miller 

In these 8 weeks, they will  share proven techniques to help you heal and move forward along your unique path of recovery. 

Community/Your Tribe

None of us are able to do this alone. Community is key. You will have LIFETIME access to the Recovery 2.0 Coaching Program Alumnus who are there to support you every step of the way.

You don't have to do this alone. 

Be a part of this vibrant community and thrive.

Register Today & Save $500!


Please see FAQ for terms & conditions


Week 1 Orientation: Your Spiritual GPS

Week 2 Stories: Releasing the Past, Finding Presence


Week 3 Nourishment: Breath, Water, Food 

Week 4 Expansion: Yoga and Recovery

Week 5 The Three Relationships: Self, Other, Spirit

Week 6 Meditation: Consciousness vs Thought and Emotion 

Week 7 Authenticity: Power, Intuition, Right Action  

Week 8 Creation: Vision, Mission, and Purpose

payment plan available (3 payments of $350)

Tommy Rosen is a yoga teacher and addiction recovery expert who has spent the last two decades immersed in yoga, recovery and wellness. He holds certifications in both Kundalini and Hatha Yoga and has 26 years of continuous recovery from drug addiction.

Tommy is one of the pioneers in the field of Yoga and Recovery assisting others to holistically transcend addictions of all kinds. Tommy is the founder and host of the Recovery 2.0: Beyond Addiction Online Conference series and the #MoveBeyond Group Coaching Program. He leads Recovery 2.0 retreats and workshops internationally and presents regularly at yoga conferences and festivals.

Tommy’s first book, Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life, was published by Hay House in October 2014.

Tommy and his wife, yoga teacher, Kia Miller, live in Venice, California, where they teach yoga and grow organic vegetables in their backyard.


“Tommy Rosen has created something extraordinary that is going to change the way people look at addiction and how to approach recovery from it. His rallying cry that we must bring the gifts of yoga and meditation together with the power of the 12 Steps is timely and important. And his emphasis on healthy food choices as part of any complete recovery strategy is groundbreaking. As Tommy says, “Get psyched. Your life is about to change.”

~ Christopher Kennedy Lawford, NY Times Bestselling Author, Recover to Live

“Through his own journey into recovery and becoming a global yoga teacher, mentor, and guide, Tommy has made a tremendous contribution to all beings about the nature of addiction, the liberation through embodying the ground of our own being, and discovering the high of our own inner pharmacy. Highly recommended for all on the path to recovering our essential Self.”

~ Shiva Rea, author of Tending the Heart Fire and founder of Prana Vinyasa Flow and the Global Mala Project


“I’m looking forward to this conversation with Tommy, the aim of which will be to help us identify and to liberate ourselves from the stories that keep us imprisoned in traumatic childhood imprints. Nothing excites me more

than people seeking and finding their freedom.”

~Gabor Maté, M.D., bestselling author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts



payment plan available (3 payments of $350)

“Recovery 2.0 is helping me take sobriety to a whole new healing of mind, body, spirit. So many links to helpful insights and support. Grateful." - Karen H.

"Since finding Recovery 2.0 recovery has been liberating. I am a strong believer in thriving in recovery, not just surviving. With the help of your guidance and daily rituals I am now ready to embrace the true me! Thank you Recovery 2.0 community and Tommy from the bottom of my heart!" - Jeanne

“Thank you for the gift of this program. I was able to experience serenity, happiness and love during the holidays, which are usually stressful and sad. I have a new appreciation for the start of each day. I feel so alive and full of love/joy”— Alma O.

“Tommy, As our coaching program is nearing it's end, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how sincerely grateful I am for the ways that you have changed my life. My multiple addictions began as a child, but I am now 60 and thanks to you I'm beginning to live my liberation story. I have learned new practices in your program that I will use the rest of my life. I love you, Tommy Rosen. Thank you.” - Kathy B.





"If you have ever had one single thought that you wanted something more for your life, please heed that thought. I believe it is the voice of your own heart asking you to become whole again. “

-Tommy Rosen, Recovery 2.0


Please see FAQ for terms & conditions



payment plan available (3 payments of $350)

Can I take this course from anywhere?

Yes! All the modules will be accessible online and by phone. All you need is Internet access.

What are the dates of the course?

The program begins December 6th, 2017 and goes through January 31st, 2018.

What if I miss a session?

No problem! All the sessions will be recorded and archived for you to listen to again anytime you like.

Money back guarantee:

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied after the 8 weeks, write us and we will refund your money as long as you have  completed all course requirements and participated in all eight modules.

When will you offer this again?

We offer this coaching program at least once a year. Please note that structure and pricing may vary from year to year. 

Will I get an opportunity to ask questions and interact with Tommy?

Yes! This is my most interactive Recovery 2.0 coaching program. 

What if I want to teach this Recovery 2.0 program material?

Eventually, we will offer an official Recovery 2.0 coach certification and training course. This 8-week program — our Recovery 2.0 group coaching program — will be a prerequisite for our future coach certification course.

I’m very busy. Where will I find the time for the coursework?

When you join the Recovery 2.0 Coaching Program you have lifetime access and will be able to return to the course again and again. 

Coursework is done at your pace. If you have time for distraction, addiction, stress, worry, and anxiety, what will you have when these things are gone? You will have more freedom, health and time to tend to the things that really matter.

Most people enjoy taking the course so much that it becomes an important priority in their life. It is liberating and joyous rather than difficult or stressful. 

Why are you charging money for an addiction recovery program?

Recovery 2.0 is a mission driven business whose goal is to help people move beyond addiction and upgrade their lives.

This coaching course is not “sponsorship”. We are not going through the 12 Steps (though we will review some concepts from within the 12 Steps). We are getting into lifestyle, family, money, relationships, yoga, meditation and we will be going through a process together which will lead us to a place beyond our current struggles. This is deep healing and a chance to move forward.

I believe in being compensated for delivering value to people. That is mission-driven business.

$1497 is an unbelievably low price compared with the value this course offers (and if you’re registering during our special Early Bird period, it’s only $997!). Remember, most rehab centers are north of $30,000/month and Outpatient facilities are $10,000/month. I’m asking for less than $500/mo for 2 months of continuing education in the recovery and life arts.

I ask myself the following two questions when presented with a transformational opportunity:

• How can I not afford this?

• How can I not afford the time?

I encourage you to make the time, find the money, and invest in yourself directly. This is what I can offer to you or anyone who says, “I’m in recovery, but I need help beyond the normal 12 Step work. I need something more.”


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